Monday, 19 November 2012


“Screening Atrocity: Cinema, Decolonisation and the Holocaust”
A free, one-day postgraduate workshop taking place at Culture Lab, Newcastle University, 10th January 2013


10:30-11:00     Registration and welcome
11:00-12:00     Panel 1: Audience and Affect (Chair: Joe Barton)
                        Matt Lawson (Edge Hill): ‘Hearing Atrocity: Film Music and the Holocaust'
Gareth McAreavey (Liverpool): ‘Winning Hearts and Minds and Eyes: Recognizing Terrorism in Bouchareb’s Hors La Loi’
12:00-12:15     Break
12:15-1:15       Panel 2: Testimony and Complicity (Chair: Claire Peters)
                        Alex Adams (Newcastle): ‘Torquemada, Vichy, Paratroopers: La Question’
Iain Mossman (Cardiff): ‘Constructing the war without a name through the men without a voice: Multidirectional memory and the Algerian War Appelés in La Guerre Sans Nom’ (1992)
1:15-2:15         Lunch
2:15-3:15         Keynote Speaker: Professor Maxim Silverman
3:15-4:15         Panel 3: Presence and Absence (Chair: Alex Adams)
Claire Peters (Birmingham): “There is no present”: Cityspace, Memory, Representation and ‘Reality’ in Caché (Haneke 2005)
Kierran Horner (Kings College London): Presence and Absence: the Revelation of War in Le Joli Mai and La Jetée
4:15-4:40         Screening of Chris Marker’s La Jetée (1962)
4:40-5:00         Close

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